Premier Van Lines International can ship your household and/or vehicle to your final destination.

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Some people are not ready to move into their new residence, and may need to go into storage, either close to their original residence, or close to their new city. Some customers may also not be able to pay the transportation invoice within the first couple of weeks after their pickup, and the shipment will go into storage until the invoice is taken care of. Storage charges at either end are generally $60-120 per crate (per 1000 lbs) for the first month, then generally $60 to $80 per crate or per 1,000 lbs for every subsequent month.


Our company has given you a quote for full services before your moving date; your quote (and subsequent invoice) will include packing, loading, crating, and delivery services. Keep in mind that this first quote and invoice will reflect charges for a base pickup and delivery service, and no special accessory charges. Fortunately, over 95% of smaller moves have no extra charges (besides the possible overweight fee).

Special boxes for flat-screen televisions --- Generally $170-180 / box (consider purchasing these items at Home Depot or Lowe’s at a lower price before the moving date which cost around $80 to $100).

Crating fragile items, such as artwork, pianos, large mirrors, pool tables, etc. --- Most small crates cost $100-300, pool table disassembly and crating often costs around $500 at both ends of the transportation, and Grand Piano crating/handling may cost over $1,000.

Large/bulky items such as couches, memory-foam mattresses, and kayaks/canoes ---

These items cannot fit into the crate, due to them being over seven feet long, or because they need to be kept horizontal. 3-4 cushion couches usually need a 93-113 cubic foot couch box. Memory foam mattresses (like Tempurpedic) will usually be put into a horizontal mattress box; this will probably add 60-90 cubic feet to the shipment. Kayaks and canoes may add 100-200 cubic feet.

Accessory charges (both at the origin and destination), are very uncommon, and usually occur in very population-dense areas such as Baltimore, NYC, and San Francisco. They often include:

Long carries of more than 120 steps, stairs, or elevators --- generally $60 to $100/ crate

Two or more delivery stops --- usually $250 per extra stop

Large and/or very heavy items such as a 500 lb tool box or a piano --- generally $400-600

Shuttle service (a large shipment to be picked up or delivered that needs a smaller truck to unload from the larger truck and then physically drive into a very small space) --- min. $100

Usually, we can determine any applicable accessory charges at the time of your in-house survey.

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potential accessory charges

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