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FMC #: 024223 * US DOT #: 3662762 - MC #: 01266993 * FF (Freight Forwarder) #: 049742 * CA Corp #: C3849674 * NVOCC (Non-Vessel Ocean Common Carrier) #: 019297NF * SCAC: PVLL; PV09 * Insurance #: GSC0602872 * Bond #: SC400130

With over 25 years of experience, we continue to build our business on our reputation and expertise.

We have shipped thousands of vehicles, worldwide.  Ask us for a quote.


We can ship your vehicles anywhere in Alaska including Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Ketchikan, to name a few places.  We can provide pick up at residence to the appropriate port.  You will be charged based on the size of your vehicle: small or large.  Trucks, SUVs are considered larger vehicles and cars are regarded as smaller cars.  Please winterize your vehicle if you are planning to ship over the winter season.  Please do not put household goods into the vehicle.

We can ship your vehicle pretty much anywhere in world including Australia, Europe, Asia, etc. Please ask for custom quotes for your vehicle.  We will provide you with the appropriate information necessary prior to your shipment of your vehicle.  In Australia, you need a DOTAR for example.  Shipping your vehicle or motorcycle without permission will incur fines and possible jail time.  You will also need to take into consideration that vehicles in some countries that drive on the left side of the road will require the wheels to be transferred to the right side.  This could be around $15,000.00 to $25,000.00 to get this done.  Exceptions can be made for certain vehicles based on their year.



Vehicles are shipped out of the Jacksonville, Florida port and are shipped into San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Please take into consideration that our quotes for vehicles do not include the excise tax.  You can get an estimate of your tax based on your VIN or your make, model and year of your vehicle.  You can go to this hyperlink to get to the Department de Hacienda.  In addition, you can email me with either the VIN or year/make/model of your vehicle, and I can provide you with the estimated taxes along with your vehicle quote.

Premier Van Lines International can ship your household and/or vehicle to your final destination.

Shipping to Hawaii is pretty simple.  The three main ports on the West Coast are: Long Beach, Oakland, and Seattle.  Cars, trucks, and motorcycles can be shipped to the four main Hawaiian islands.  On the big island, we will ship to Hilo port only.  Motorcycles can be shipped as a vehicle where we can skid or crate your motorcycle (or you may crate/skid yourself) or we can ship the motorcycle as part of your household goods.  No personal household goods are allowed in the vehicle.  No exceptions.