We work with an insurance company called Unirisc, a company that we have been collaborating with for multiple years.  And through this company, we offer total loss and full coverage moving insurance to our customers as well as default valuation that is covered through our company.  Insurance valuation options are not simple to understand quickly, so please ask as many questions as you need to before deciding. There are three types of valuation coverage for shipments that are loaded by a local moving agent (and the shipment is professionally inventoried); self-loaded customer shipments are only eligible for option 2 below:

1. Default Valuation (no purchased coverage; $0.60/lb payout)

2. Total Loss, or “Named Perils” coverage (if the entire shipment is lost or damaged)

3. Full-Coverage Moving Insurance (generally pays out 16 times or more as default coverage, and High-Value items are at replacement value)

**Default Valuation--- If you choose not to purchase any valuation coverage, the compensation is $0.60/pound/article.

**Total Loss / Named Perils Valuation: Only covers catastrophic loss/damage to the shipment. $20 for every $1000 insured. This insurance would cover your contents if the ship sank, the truck your shipment is in being destroyed in an accident, etc. The chance of a total loss for the shipment is extremely small (less than 0.1%) but some customers do feel more at ease purchasing it.

**Full-Coverage Valuation --- For every 1000 lbs of estimated weight you have before your move (or one crate), $10000 of valuation is recommended, for a $400 flat rate, or a $40 cost for every $1000 of items insured ($5000 valuation minimum). This means that for the base coverage of your shipment, up to $10 of compensation is generally offered for every pound of item damaged/lost (which is over 15 times as much as if you did not purchase valuation; that payout is $0.60/lb as mentioned above). If an item can be repaired, or an equivalent one can be purchased for less than the maximum payout, the insurance company may instead employ one of those methods. If you packed your own boxes at your residence: make sure for the driver to list their description on the inventory sheets, and not just "PBO" (Packed By Owner). Boxes marked packed by owner cannot be insured for more than the default $0.60/lb (around $18-20/box). This applies to boxes inside a storage unit as well. If this is a problem, the movers need to repack every box and list the contents as carrier packed (CP). You would need to tell the driver this during the move date.

​If you are moving domestically (Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico), Federal Law requires full valuation coverage UNLESS the customer declines full coverage in writing.

FMC #: 024223 * US DOT #: 3662762 - MC #: 01266993 * FF (Freight Forwarder) #: 049742 * CA Corp #: C3849674 * NVOCC (Non-Vessel Ocean Common Carrier) #: 019297NF * SCAC: PVLL; PV09 * Insurance #: GSC0602872 * Bond #: SC400130

Premier Van Lines International can ship your household and/or vehicle to your final destination.

"Make sure that you request a copy of the insurance terms and conditions from your mover prior to obtaining insurance. Read all terms and conditions of any insurance coverage offered by your moving company to determine whether such coverage is desirable." FMC.

We offer three types of valuation coverages to fit your needs

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