FMC #: 024223 * US DOT #: 3662762 - MC #: 01266993 * FF (Freight Forwarder) #: 049742 * CA Corp #: C3849674 * NVOCC (Non-Vessel Ocean Common Carrier) #: 019297NF * SCAC: PVLL; PV09 * Insurance #: GSC0602872 * Bond #: SC400130

Download Premier Van Lines International Estimator

A great way to determine the cost of your shipment is to fill out an estimator.

After you make initial contact with Premier Van Lines International, we will send you an estimator in a spreadsheet form in an email that will allow you list the items that you intend to ship. It will automatically calculate the estimated weight and volume of your shipment and you can send the completed spreadsheet back to us via email.  We will then quote you based on the estimated volume and weight of the shipment.  Please bear in mind that the average weight of a shipment is around 7 pounds per cubic feet.  Please feel free to download our cube sheet or estimator at the link below.   If for some reason you have a problem with downloading, please email neena at and she will be more than happy to send you the estimator via email.  You can also send her a list of the items you would like to ship and we will be able to insert the items into the estimator and quote you accordingly.

Premier Van Lines International can help you determine the size of your shipment.

Have questions about your move? Please fill out the form below and we will get back with you as soon as possible. You can also email at or call at 877.784.2111.

Use the estimator to determine the estimated weight and volume of your shipment