This type of crate is called a lift van.  The name actually refers to using a fork lift under the crate to literally lift the crate from one spot to another.  Each lift van is around 196 cubic feet and can hold around an estimated 1,000 pounds.  We allow up to 1,250 pounds per lift van.  The internal cubic feet is around 160 cubic feet. 

The external dimensions are: 

7.5 Feet High
7.5 Feet Long
3.5 Feet Wide
196 Cubic feet total

The interior dimensions of the lift van are:
6.5 Feet High
7.0 Feet Long
3.5 Feet Wide
160 Cubic feet total

About five lift vans can fit into a 20 foot container.  Due to liability issues, we must at least be the ones to load your shipment into the crate as it is 300 pounds empty.  Your quote in lift vans will usually include any necessary packing and loading.  If you want to pack yourself, you may do so but loading is something we must do.  On your move date, the agent may or may not bring the lift van out to your residence.  Chances are, they will take your shipment back to the warehouse to be crated into the lift van.  


We offer 20 and 40 foot steel containers.  And depending on where you are moving to, we even have 45 high cube and 53 foot containers.  Unlike the lift vans, you can opt to pack and load your own container and do the reverse if you are moving with the USA such as Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska.  If you are moving to another country, you may self load; however, we will need to be the ones to take your container from customs and then have our agent deliver it to your residence once it clears customs.  Your quote can either be for self load or full services.  The steel containers come on a chassis that is 4 feet  high so if you opt to load yourself, you will need to get a ramp from either Home Depot, Lowes, or uHaul.  We can ship your personally owned container; however, it must be sea worth certified and be on a chassis for transport to the port. The steel dimensions of the steel containers are:

8.0 feet tall

8.0 feet wide

20 or 40 feet long.

Please subtract a couple of inches from each side to get the interior dimensions.  The 20 foot container can hold about a two bedroom house with an estimated 6,000 pounds on average whereas, the 40 foot can hold 3 to 4 bedrooms worth of household goods and about 10,000 to 12,000 pounds.

There are multiple ways that we can ship your household goods and it depends on the size of your shipment and your budget.

Cargo Containers

Cargo containers are used for boxes and very small pieces of furniture. You may opt pack and load your own boxes. The most common used is the Telescopic Cargo containers. Theoretically, the cargo container can hold up to 1,000 lbs each; however, please keep them around 750 lbs per cargo container. Each cargo container is 4 x 3.3 x 5.6 feet or 48 x 40 x 68 inches.  They are about 80 cubic feet total and can hold around 20 to 25 boxes each. Typically, your quote will be based on the use of two cargo containers totaling 160 cubic feet.  You can use more than two; however, additional charges will apply per additional cargo container which is usually half the cost of the initial quote.  Our minimum shipment is two cargo containers; however, if you wanted to use just one; we would invoice you accordingly. You can take as long as you want to pack and load the containers.  Once you are ready, you can let us know and we will come and pick it up Monday through Friday.

100 CUBE

The 100 cubic foot crate is used when you want to ship small pieces of furniture and boxes but don't want to pack and load the shipment yourself.  We would have our agents in your area come to pick up your shipment or if you prefer, you can drop it off at the warehouse for crating.  100 cubic feet crates are usually used when you have half a lift van's worth of household goods.  Typical weight of 100 cubic feet is around 500 to 1,000 pounds depending on how many boxes you have and what are in the boxes themselves.  

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Premier Van Lines International can ship your household and/or vehicle to your final destination.

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Choosing the appropriate shipping equipment depends on how much you are intending to move.

​​​​Shipping options for Your Household Goods and Vehicles