Your move is a complicated process and it is our goal to make it as simple as possible.  There are five basic steps in the international moving process.  No one company can complete the entire international moving process without working with other specialized companies.  

1. Origin Services.  Our agent near you will provide an initial survey to determine how much weight and cubic feet of household goods you are intending to ship and what special services are needed.  The agent will provide all packing boxes and furniture wrapping material.  They will provide descriptive inventory of your belongings and complete the preparation process of the crates for shipping to port.  We will send the agent ocean markings to indicate on the lift vans and container pertinent information necessary for shipment.

2. Trucking to Port.  After your shipment is loaded either on pallets, liftvans, or containers, your shipment is ready to be transported to the port agent or directly to the port for transportation.  The trucking fees are determine by cubic feet and weight and the cost of such service is already figured into your quote.  The move coordinator will send the relevant paperwork to the trucker and who will then coordinate with the origin agent regarding when he/she can come to pick up the shipment at their warehouse.

3. The Port Agent.  If you are moving out of the country, your pallets and lift vans will be delivered to our Port Agent. The port agent receives the shipment and consolidates your shipment with other household goods shipments going the country you are moving to.  The containers are loaded with multiple shipments; however, we don't take your shipment out of the pallets or lift vans but keep it as is into the container.  This approach will help protect your shipment from loss and damage for it mitigates multiple handling of the shipment. The port agent then delivers the full container to the ocean carrier ready, for export.

4. Ocean Liner:  We are licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission.  Our NVOCC license allows our company to work with all of the ocean carriers.  This means that we can legally ship household goods to every port all over the world.  Once your shipment arrives at the destination port, the ocean carrier releases your shipment to our destination agent.  

5. Destination Agent.  We have a comprehensive list of partners/agents worldwide. Our agents will unload, unpack as requested, put things together that were taken apart by us at the origin, and remove all wrapping and packing debris from the residence.  If necessary, they can provide storage at their state-of-the-art facilities. All our agents have fully trained personnel and drug testing policies to make sure that only qualified personnel arrive at your new home.

As you can see, your move involves coordination with multiple companies from start to finish.  This process requires organization skills, communication, professionalism, experience, and expertise which describes Premier Van Lines International to the tee!


It is imperative to understand the moving process and we will be with you from start to finish.

Premier Van Lines International can ship your household and/or vehicle to your final destination.

We Make the Complicated, Simple!

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